Happy New Responsive Website 2016!

Happy New Year 2016! I hope everyone had fun on New Years Eve. I’m a few days over New Years Day here but I am so excited to have finally completed my new Portfolio Website. I have been going through 15 years worth of work, resizing, retouching here and there and putting projects together into pleasing compositions. Most importantly, this a Responsive Website, which is pretty essential for everyone nowadays, especially a Graphic Designer! You gotta move with the times (and the hundreds of different screen sizes out there!)

If you don’t know what a Responsive Website is, it is quite simply a website that will adapt to fit whatever you are viewing it on. Phone, Tablet, Laptop, 30″ screen monitor… any size of any device that is out there that you can view websites on. They are made up of columns so you see all the columns at full width on a desktop computer and then it automatically sizes the website to one column when viewing on a phone. More people are using their smart phones and tablets than ever before and this will continue to increase so it is really important to have a responsive website. Google will not allow websites that aren’t mobile friendly onto the top pages of their search results. If you are reading this on a laptop or desktop computer, grab the corner of the browser window and move it around to see how everything shifts around on the website. There is a ton of info out there on this subject so Google ‘Responsive Websites’ if you want to learn more.

My last portfolio website was created in Dreamweaver and was fixed, as when I designed and coded it Responsive Website Design wasn’t around. One of the downsizes to having a site like this is on a phone you will be doing a lot of scrolling to explore the site. You have probably been on one like this before on your phone and not realized why it was such a pain to navigate. I got into designing responsively when I created the Alley Cat Decor website in April 2015. I found the hard-core coding knowledge needed quite overwhelming so looked around for alternatives to creating the website from scratch. I settled on WordPress.org which has a HUGE selection of free responsive templates that you can adapt how you please. It does still require some coding knowledge to get you to the results you want so my HTML and CSS skills still come in handy. It was a learning curve but now I love WordPress and made this website using it. Next up will be my Baby & Kids Clothing line, Rudy Ludy.

There are a lot of templates that you need to pay for out there too, with more features. It took me a lot of trial and error to find exactly what I wanted. I used Customizr Pro for this website.

I hope you like how it is looking and working, please comment with any feedback you may have. Next up I need to add more SEO info which I will be doing after taking a Skill Share course tomorrow.