Vintage Modern Bathroom

Vintage Modern Bathroom

BEFORE_LRWe remodeled our bathroom last year. It was entirely my design down to the pattern and colors of the mosaics on the floor, and I just love it. I didn’t feel that it was complete until around March this year, when we got the artwork from Emmy Star Brown.

I wanted the bathroom to have a vintage-feel inspired by the original claw-foot tub. We did end up switching out the tub as it would cost more to keep refinishing it every 4 years than to buy a new one. The old one is now a spectacular planter in my garden! And the new one is so much nicer with the shiny silver legs. We kept was the toilet as that was fairly new and in good shape.

The tub inspired my choice of the Kohler Brockway sink. I didn’t like the traditional faucets that are paired with it so I found new ones from Chicago Faucets. The old sink was actually very unique if you look in the before photos but leaky and impractical. I was sopping up a mess every time I washed my face. The bath faucet is from Signature Hardware.

Original details such as the built in shelves by the sink, the door, door handle and vent cover kept to add to the Victorian charm. I created the modern graphic mosaic pattern created by myself using the Illustrator template and color swatches supplied by our local Oak Park tile company Heritage Tile.

The addition of Missoni Home towels adds to the bold, modern and graphic look of layered patterns. I had always wanted a Venetian Mirror and couldn’t afford an original at this point so got a ‘Venetian-style’ one from Breuner’s Home Furnishings. I chose this one so I could fit sconces into the curves. The wall sconces are from Destination Lighting. I kept these simple and modern so they wouldn’t overwhelm the detail of the mirror.

We had our carpenter remake the cabinet to slide (it used to concertina in and out and get stuck behind the door) and add in more functional shelves that were closer together allowing for more storage. He also added new trim.

I found the Victorian-style Toilet Roll Holder on Amazon and added mirrored frames of vacation photos that included blue and water and also some shots of our boys in black and white in the bath. I added patterned vinyl to the windows to keep in the light but add privacy. Both of these additions were cheap and effective.

I tried about 3 different paint colors before settling on the dusky blue. It’s amazing how different paint looks on the wall when you do a test area compared to the tiny small rectangles on the card strips. The final blue is a lighter version of the blue in the tile.

Last but not least I commissioned a fabulous artist from Chicago called Emmy Star Brown to create the vintage window panel swirl art which we proudly hung above the bath. We love our new bathroom and hope you do too!