Shiraleah Fashion and Home Catalogs

Shiraleah FW2016 CatalogsI’m just embarking on my second season Designing Shiraleah’s Fashion and Home Catalogs. I really love Shiraleah’s products, they have a fun, colorful and highly patterned vibe, just my style! It’s fun for me to go back to my roots of Fashion and Home Catalog Design. My first job was at Freeman’s of London back in 2001 and I really enjoy working in the Fashion and Home Decor Industries. I have quite a few of their scarves and home decor items now as they have sample sales so I am looking forward to the next one. I posted some sample spreads from the first season I worked on (Fall/Winter 2016) on my catalog page in the portfolio section of this website.

The first time around (this past May – June) I was absolutely swamped with these projects! They are huge catalogs (Fashion was 212 pages and Home was 220) so working on the complete redesign and then laying out every spread meant that I had some 65 hour weeks towards the end. All of the photography and direction on the spreads came right towards the print deadline so it was a lot to do done in a short space of time. Fortunately I had the super smart and knowledgeable Production and Pre-Press expert Tina DeJarld come on board which was crucial as it was too much for one person in the time frame that we had.

I used big ‘magazine-style’ fonts in the redesign so the headlines and copy would really pop. The lines were made thinner and lighter, and I changed the square corners to triangles. The font used for the item description is wider so easier to read. Those were key changes and the rest was just general redesign of the layout. I made the icons as bigger when possible but still so they fit nicely on the spread. Here is a diagram that shows last seasons look, 3 of the concepts that I submitted, and the final look, all applied to the same pick up spread (one that is being reused in the next season.) The reason the model isn’t on the final spread is because she is wearing clothing that is discontinued. The corners change color according to the season as they represent the sections so I am coming up with new colors for the Spring/Summer Catalog that we are working on now. I hope you like the new look!

Shiraleah Catalog Redesign Process


This season Tina and I are working together from the start and the team at Shiraleah have been working hard to get us the Photography and Direction as to what goes where sooner. They have also been improving Photography so we don’t have too much last minute retouching to do or outsource.  There is also the benefit that as I did the redesign last season, we will be continuing with the look created and not having to redesign any pick up spreads like last season. Shiraleah sell’s wholesale, so there are bar codes on all the items, for quick and easy sales between the reps and the stores. Last season we added all the bar codes to Home for the first time, so all the pick up spreads had to be adjusted accordingly which meant making room for them and adding icon shots more often than Glamour (group shots.) So along with the redesign and addition of all the bar codes, there was a lot more work that went into the layouts than perhaps normal. Fingers crossed it will go more smoothly this time and we’ll be done in good time! Then my parent’s arrive from England for Christmas then we go to Mexico! It’s also my husband’s 40th birthday on December 7th and my son’s 3rd on the December 27th so it will be a busy month. All good though and I just love “The Season to be Jolly!”

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